Cobra's Curse Media Day


Greetings Florida Region:

We are happy to announce that Busch Gardens has invited ACE to
assist with the Media Day activities for Cobra's Curse on Thursday,
June 16th. Specifically, we have been asked to fill trains that members
of media will be riding for their media outlets, as well as filling
trains for B-Roll and other assorted activities. We will also have
opportunities to be interviewed by the media for print, radio or
broadcast. This is a huge honor for us to help them in this capacity.
It also means you get to be one of the first riders of Cobra's Curse.
Since we are filling seats, it means that many Florida Region ACE'rs
will get to be part of the activities as opposed to only a select few.

There are three shifts available --
Shift A: 5:30am - 9:30am*
Shift B: 9:15am - 1:15pm*
Shift C: 1:00pm - 5:00pm*
*shift times may be slightly adjusted based on the needs of the media.

Please select the shift that you most prefer. In order for us to do
our best to place you in your preferred shift, please follow the
example below:

Shift A (first preference)
Shift B (third preference)
Shift C (second preference)

If there is a shift you absolutely cannot do, then follow this example:

Shift A (first preference)
Shift B (second preference)
Shift C (not available)

You may also note if you are willing to do all three. Just mark all
three time slots as first preference. If we have openings, we will use
your additional preferences to back-fill those time slots.

We will park in preferred parking. There will be no charge for
parking. More details about parking and check-in location will be sent
a few days prior to the event. A valid ACE membership card/proof of
membership and photo ID will be required at check in. Light snacks and
drinks will be provided. If you have other dietary needs, please feel
free to bring your own food. Clothing attire is very simple: ACE
shirts or solid, non logo'd shirts ONLY. No Busch Gardens shirts, no
coaster shirts (even if they are Busch Gardens coasters), no competing
parks shirts. Your shirt can only have an ACE logo or nothing. If you
show up with a logo'd shirt you will not be permitted into the event.
At the conclusion of your shift, you are more than welcome to stay in
the park and enjoy Busch Gardens other offerings. No guests will be
permitted unless for some reason we do not fill all of the spots. Even
though I always say no guests unless otherwise specified, I will get
the question "can I bring a guest". My stock reply is...."have them
join ACE and they can come if there is availability". If for some
crazy reason we don't fill all of the spots, I will send another email
seeking additional riders.

Please keep in mind that even though this is not a sponsored ACE
function, all ACE Code of Conduct rules apply. Please do not sign up
unless you can commit to your four hour shift. In the past, we have
had members show up for their assigned shift and then leave with some
excuse or sneak out once they got their fill of the ride. Not only
does that leave unfilled seats, it shows a complete lack of courtesy
to the park. Please don't give us a reason to exclude you from future
media events. Especially since there may be another one in the very
near future. Also, please keep in mind that part of the circuit
includes spinning. If spinning rides bother you, then consider waiting
for the ride to officially open and ride it then since you may be
required to ride many times during the media event.

Sign ups begin now and will close promptly at 8pm on Sunday, June 12th.
At that point we will fill the slots based on preference and let you
know by Monday, June 13th what your shift is, if any.  I apologize for the
short notice.  If we get more volunteers than needed, we will 
invoke a lottery selection process so please register those in your 
household together. Simply reply to this email with your preferred shift(s),
name and ACE member number. If you have any questions (other than 
"can I bring a guest?"), please let me know.


Michael Christopher
Assistant Regional Rep - Social Media
Florida, Region #15
American Coaster Enthusiasts