Mako Media Day II



Here is the info for the video shoot on Mako tomorrow:

For you veterans of these types of events, there are some changes in how they are working this tomorrow, so please read this email thoroughly,

Attire: The attire is the same as the last media day at SeaWorld. You can either wear solid non-logo’d shirts or ACE shirts only. Please do not wear anything else.
Age: If you have any riders under 16, a parent or guardian will need to sign any media releases on their behalf.
Parking: You will NOT be parking in the main parking lot. Instead, you will park in the employee lot. The entrance to the employee parking lot is directly across the street from the Discovery Cove entrance. I have included a map to show exactly where the employee lot is. Once you park, you will make your way to the guard shack (you can’t miss it). Wait there until a representative from SeaWorld comes to get you for your escort to Mako. You need to be at the guard shack NO LATER than 7:40am. Once everyone arrives, the group will be escorted together through backstage areas to Mako. At the conclusion of the event, everyone will be escorted back to the employee parking lot. The group will only depart Mako once everyone has been accounted for, so PLEASE do not wonder away at the end of the taping. You MUST leave with the group. Unlike previous events, you cannot just stay in the park (that procedure is in the next paragraph) as you cannot leave your car in the employee lot or it will be towed.

If you would like to spend some time at SeaWorld at the conclusion of the taping, you are more than welcome to, however, there is a key difference here also. Since you are parking in the employee lot, you CANNOT leave your car there after the event is over if you want to visit the park. You will need to move it to the main parking lot. For those of you without annual passes and would like to return to the park, SeaWorld will give you a voucher to allow you re-admittance to the park. The voucher is only good for tomorrow, so unfortunately you cannot take a voucher for use on a future day. 

Have fun!!

Chris Kraftchick
Regional Rep FL
American Coaster Enthusiasts