TV Taping

I was contacted by a production company based in the UK looking for theme park enthusiasts to take part in an interesting "experiment". What the show is about and what they need is in the paragraph below. Up for the challenge of not puking on international television? Feel free to let her know you are interested.

I am a researcher at UK TV production company Ricochet working on series 3 of the popular peak time TV series ‘Superfoods: The Real Story’ for Channel 4. We will be filming in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday 2nd May 2017, and we are looking for energetic contributors to take part in a ‘Big Fun Experiment’. We are calling all theme park lovers, science enthusiasts – and anyone else who likes a challenge or a fun (free!) day out. We’re running a televised science experiment about how people react to theme park rides on the 2nd May at Funspot in Orlando. How many rides on the paratrooper can you handle?? Come and find out. We are filming a series for UK television which explores the world of “superfoods” and the science behind their claimed health-enhancing properties. In these eight episodes, we focus on the potential specific nutritional effects of some popular “superfoods” and assess what impact they can have, if any, on our everyday health, giving our viewers a greater understanding of the science behind each food Ideally we are looking for a group of candidates aged 18 years and above to take part in our ‘Big Experiment’. Do you have a group of fun-loving adventurers who will be willing to take part in our free, fun day?