Filming on Kraken Unleased


SeaWorld will be shooting B-roll footage for the VR overlay of Kraken on Monday, June 12th. They are in need of ACE members to fill the trains for the filming. The filming will begin around 8:30am and should conclude around noon. You are more than welcome to stay in the park at the conclusion of the film shoot. Perhaps an informal takeover of Mako??
As a long time ACE member and regional rep, I understand that ACE'rs/coaster enthusiasts are divided on the whole VR overlay of coasters. Some love it and some do not. Unfortunately, some ACE'rs in attendance at Conquer the Curse at Busch Gardens back in November expressed their displeasure with loud groans when Jeff Hornick, our guest speaker, spoke of the addition of VR on Kraken. Thankfully he acknowledged the fact that VR has been not well received by some, but stated that SeaWorld was doing VR the right way. So hopefully, the addition of VR on Kraken will please even the harshest critics. So my point to all this is if you are not someone who likes nor cares about VR, PLEASE do not sign up as all participants will be required to don the head sets for the filming. If you like VR and/or are curious to how the overlay will possibly enhance the ride, then by all means, please join us at SeaWorld. 
All ages are welcome to sign up as long as you meet the minimum height requirement of 54". As per usual, clothing is solid, non-logo'd shirts and closed toe shoes. We will open the sign ups to guests of ACE members as SeaWorld needs many participants. Guest must be registered with an ACE member and ACE member is responsible for their guest(s).
Final details will be sent in advance of the filming.
To sign up, please follow this link ONLY as we will not accept registrations via email:
Chris Kraftchick
Regional Rep, FL
American Coaster Enthusiasts