Travel Channel Filming



We have another great opportunity to help out with filming.  The Travel Channel has requested riders for both Fun Spot Kissimmee and the Orlando Star Flyer.  The filming will take place on August 8th, with a weather delay date of August 9th.  There will be three shifts and sign-ups will be accepted at a first-come-first-serve basis.  All volunteers may request to participate in multiple shifts.

Shift 1:                  6AM-9AM                         Go Karts – Vortex Track and Sky Coaster/Sky Sled
Shift 2:                  7:30AM-10:30AM             Mine Blower and Sky Coaster/Sky Sled
Shift 3:                  12:45PM-4PM                   Orlando Star Flyer

For volunteers, you will be compensated with a full-day pass at Fun Spot Kissimmee.

Before you sign-up, please read through the following rules and guidelines provided by Travel Channel, Fun Spot, and ACE:

WARDROBE: Plain-colored shirts and shorts/pants are required.  THE FOLLOWING SHIRT STYLES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED: LOGOS, SMALL PATTERNS, AND SOLID COLORS OF WHITE, RED, OR BLACK.  Shoes must be worn while riding.  If you are not wearing the appropriate attire at the time of check-in, you will be turned away unless you provide a change of clothing.  Remember: If you have to ask if it is appropriate or not, it is simply safe to wear something else.

EXPECT MULTIPLE RIDES:  Due to the random nature of filming, multiple rides may be required.  This is NOT an ACE sponsored ERT.  Riders may only ride once, or they may ride a dozen times.  However, if you sign up for filming, you will be required to ride ALL of the necessary times requested by the park.  Please be patient during the filming process as delays are expected.

FOLLOW PARK RULES: While attending this filming, riders will be required to follow all safety procedures put in place by the parks.  ACE Code of Conduct still applies.

MINORS: All filming volunteers must be above the age of 10.  Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian present for filming (parent/guardian is not required to ride).

ACE Code of Conduct: This is not an ACE Sponsored event, however, all of ACE Code of Conduct still applies with the additional rules provided by the park.  We ask that everyone be on their best behavior and respect the park, park employees, and other fellow ACE Members.

If you have any questions about the rules above, please reach out to ACE Rep, Michael Christopher ( BEFORE you sign-up.  Please do not reply to this email as the email address is not monitored.

Please sign-up to volunteer at this link: