White Lightning 10k 2021



On August 14, 47 ACE Members and guests from six different states enjoyed a sold-out marathon riding event at Fun Spot in Orlando, Florida.  The marathon rides were on White Lightning, a wooden tracked roller coaster with steel supports designed and manufactured by Great Coasters International.  This unique event was called the White Lightning 10k because riders would travel on 10 kilometers of track on White Lighting, which equated to 16 complete circuits. 

On a hot summer’s morning, guests started the day by receiving an event badge that allowed riders to punch holes to keep track of their marathon progress.  Each time riders exited the ride they were given the option to punch a hole in one of the numbered circles on the badge.  ERT on White Lightning started at 9AM, one hour before the park opened to the public, which gave ACE Members a jumpstart to complete their marathon.  Fun Spot also set up White Lightning to run with dual train operations, which sped up the cycle times.

Since Fun Spot is usually slower in the morning, more than a third of the attendees were able to complete the marathon before brunch was served at 10:30!  Brunch included a breakfast croissant sandwich, fruit cup, muffin, and a variety of beverages.  Because of COVID-19 precautions, everyone was given an individual bag that contained their meal.  After guests enjoyed their brunch, everyone received a commemorative event medal along with an ACE Florida Silver Edition collectible pin.  There were also twelve ACE Members who also attended the first White Lightning 10k event in 2019 and they received a Limited-Edition ACE Florida Gold Edition collectible pin!  Everyone received their prizes regardless of completing their 16 rides on White Lightning.

After the award ceremony, guests were then free to enjoy the rest of their day at Fun Spot Orlando.  They were also given the option to upgrade their day-ticket to include the Fun Spot location in Kissimmee for only $10!  ACE Florida is very gracious of Fun Spot, and we had a blast working with them to put this event together.  We look forward to future events at both Florida locations and at their new Atlanta location!