Filming at Universal Orlando

January 31, 2011


National Commercial Being Shot at Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando is shooting a new commercial for a national ad campaign for Harry Potter. Dragon Challenge will be prominently featured in the ad campaign and that is why you are receiving this email. They are in need of ACE members to fill the trains for the commercial shoot. Also, they are looking to cast from our group 4 people to be featured in the commercial, specifically you will be seated in the front row for the commercial. Keep in mind, this is not a local airing, it will be national.

Q&A for the shoot:

When is the shoot? The shoot is scheduled for Sunday, January 30th

What time(s) do I need to be available?
Currently the shoot is scheduled to last all day. There will be two 4 hour shifts. Once final production schedules are resolved, I will pass along the specific times. For now, tentatively the times are 6am to 11am and 11am to 4pm.

Will I be compensated for my time?
Yes, you will receive a one day ticket good for a future visit to Universal as well as the thrill of being part of a commercial shoot that will air nationally and of course ERT, well sort of

How do I get cast for the front row?
Send me a picture of yourself, as well as a very brief bio which I will collect and send to the producers. Please note, if you send a photo you are authorizing that photo to be shared with a production company that is not owned nor operated by ACE or Universal Orlando Resort. They are a company hired by Universal to shoot the commercial and will own the photos

Do I need to send a photo if I am only interested in being a rider on the coaster?

If I am cast for the front row, will I be compensated?
Yes. However, I cannot divulge the compensation at this time

If I am cast for the front row will I need to spend additional time at Universal beyond January 30th?
Yes, if you are cast you will need to be available on Monday, January 31st for additional face shots and on-camera interviews. Time to be determined.

If I am not cast for the front row, will I see myself on the commercial?
Quite possibly as they will be shooting a lot of footage from multiple angles

Dragon Challenge makes me a bit woozy after multiple rides, should I sign up?
No, you will be expected to ride the coaster many times, possibly in quick succession. You will need a look of excitement and joy on every trip around, not one of "I think I am going to throw up!"

How do I get signed up?
Simply reply to this email and let me know the name(s) of those attending. Specify what time slot you would like. If you would like to be there for both shifts, simply so both. If you are interested in being cast for the front row, attach a photo and very brief bio. Please note in the email that a photo is attached for casting