Travel Channel Shoot on Montu

May 14, 2010



Another coaster riding opportunity!

Next week, they are shooting on SheiKra and Montu for the new show Bert the Conqueror on the Travel Channel, and they need coaster riding volunteers.

Here are the details:

20 volunteers on Wednesday, May 12 to ride SheiKra. Check-in at 8 a.m., wrap around 10 a.m.

35 volunteers on Thursday, May 13 to ride Montu. Check-in at 8 a.m., wrap around 10 a.m.

Volunteers have to wear plain shirts (NO logos, graphics or patterns) in solid, bright colors (no black or white) and jeans, capris or long shorts (again, no patterns, and shorts need to be long enough that you can see them when sitting down in a coaster seat. They want everyone to look like they're wearing pants!)

Shoes: no flip-flops... sandals are okay as long as they strap onto the feet and don't have to be removed to ride.

If you can help our friends at Busch Gardens, simply reply to this email with the name(s) of those planning to attend. You may sign up for both days if you can do both days. Therefore when you reply let us know what day you are planning to attend or you can simply say Both Days. Please make sure you can attend before volunteering. RSVP's need to be back to us by Sunday evening.

Please make sure to monitor your email in case there are last minute changes. On Monday you will receive parking instructions as well as direction on where to meet each morning.

Chris Kraftchick

Photos :: Chris Kraftchick :: 05/13/2010