Manta Media Days at Sea World

May 20 and 21, 2009


Manta Media Days :: Chris Kraftchick :: 05/13/2008


I am pleased to announce that we have been invited to attend the Media Event for Manta at SeaWorld!

There are many things you need to know, so please read this email in its entirety before responding.

The Manta Media Event will take place on May 20th and 21st. There are 3 shifts available over the two days which will allow many Florida Region ACE members the opportunity to participate. Here are things you need to know:

1. Until I have a clear idea on how many wish to participate, the initial registration will be for ACE members ONLY. If there are slots available after the initial registration period I will open the event to your guests. I will send a follow up email if guests will be allowed.

2. You must present your valid ACE member card and a photo ID at the media day check-in to be admitted.

3. The height requirement for Manta is 54 inches, please do not sign up your younger ACE members if they do not meet the minimum height.

4. You must wear closed toe shoes. Absolutely no flip flops, sandals or crocs.

5. You may wear shorts, however, they cannot be short shorts that could expose part of your derriere in flight. Cargo shorts/knee length shorts are your best bet.

6. NO COMPETING PARK SHIRTS. This should go without saying but I need to remind everyone of this. You may wear an ACE shirt (as long as it does not advertise a previous ACE event), or a plain shirt. Absolutely no company logos, favorite coaster (including SeaWorld) or favorite character/show shirts.

7. If you are camera shy, please do not sign up. According to my contact there will be lots of media from all over in attendance, so there is a chance someone may want to speak with you. Remember, we are there to help the park promote their new coaster and media always enjoys talking to ACE members since this is our passion.

8. Special consideration will be given to those that fluently speak languages other than English, especially Spanish or Portuguese. As I mentioned in #7, there will be media from all over and my contact specifically asked if we had members that were fluent in those languages. Remember, this is a media event not an ACE event, and we have been honored to help the park promote Manta in any way we can. When you request to attend, please mention if you fluently speak a language other than English. Fluently being the operative word....a year of high school Spanish does not count.

9. You are required to be available for your entire shift(s). No partial shifts allowed.

10. All ACE rules for conduct apply.

Here are the times available. Please note these times are subject to change. I will notify you if any adjustments in time are made.

Wednesday May 20th:
8:30am - 2:00 pm

Thursday May 21st:
5:00am - Noon
Noon - 7:00pm

To sign up, simply respond to this email with the following information:

-ACE Member name(s) and ACE member number(s). This number is found on your ACE card.

-Preferred shift #1
-Preferred shift #2
-Preferred shift #3
OR you can say available any day/any shift, or even both days all shifts.

-Fluent second language (if applicable)

Registration will run from today until April 29th. Once registration closes I will schedule the shifts based on your preferences. I will then email everyone to let you know what time(s) & day(s) you will be attending. PLEASE only sign up if you are absolutely sure you can attend. I don't think it will be necessary, however If by chance we exceed the number of participants needed, we may have to invoke a lottery system.

Please make sure you monitor your email as I will acknowledge your request to attend, and keep everyone updated to any unexpected changes to the event times/dates or registration process.

I look forward to riding Manta with you!!

Chris Kraftchick
Regional Rep, FL
American Coaster Enthusiasts